Department of Cognitive Science

Department of Cognitive Science


The Department of Cognitive Science carries out research, higher degree research training, and undergraduate teaching in a wide range of domains of cognitive science, including belief formation, collective cognition, language, memory, perception in action, and reading.

The Department hosts the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) and the Perception in Action Research Centre (PARC). More information of these centres can be found on the Centres tab to the left.

Department Spotlight

In June 2016, a team lead by Bianca de Wit and David Kaplan, including Nic Badcock, Mark Williams, and Craig Richardson, were awarded the Dean’s Citation for Innovation in Learning and Teaching. The team received the award for successfully developing and implementing neurogaming technology in COGS100 (Introduction to Cognitive and Brain Sciences), which supported unprecedented learning experiences where students could visualise their own brain activity while running simple experimental tasks. These neuroimaging lab activities aimed to deepen student understanding of basic neuroscience principles and concepts covered in COGS100.

COGS100 was successfully offered for the first time in Semester 1 of 2016. A tremendous thanks goes out to the amazing team of tutors —  Kate Hardwick, Tijl Grootswagers, Lina Teichmann, and Jordan Wehrman — who helped turn vision into reality, by running all the labs without a major hitch. Thanks, team!

This project was made possible by a generous Innovation and Scholarship Program (ISP) grant, awarded to Drs de Wit and Kaplan in 2016, which funded the purchase of all the equipment used in COGS100.

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