International Study Tours

International Study Tours

China Business Tour

MGMT340 International Study Tour (China) 

This unit offers students exciting opportunities to experience China and learn how this dynamic country manages to achieve high growth rate while the rest of the world is experiencing economic downturn. Students develop knowledge and understanding of the economic, cultural, political and social environment in China through pre-departure seminars and first-hand observation when they visit China on a 2-week study tour. The tour includes company visits and cultural activities where students explore the historical and cultural sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. This unit delivers an intellectually fulfilling and culturally stimulating experiences to help students to appreciate cultural differences and get them better prepared to be a global citizen.

India Business Tour 

MGMT330 International study tour India

India is one of the two emerging economies in the world that is growing at double digit rates besides China. Can we afford not to familiarise ourselves with how to conduct business in this country? Can we overlook this vast market? India is home to more than one billion people and is emerging as a political and economic world leader. Understanding the importance of the Indian market and its global influence are key to the future of Australian business.

MGMT 330 International Business Tour (India) educates students in the economic, political, social and cultural environment of India. It is an elective unit for all Bcom majors. It focuses on doing business in India and provides students with exciting opportunities to travel to India and learn how the country manages to achieve a high growth rate while the rest of the world is experiencing economic downturn.

This unit develops knowledge and understanding of the international business environment and business operations in foreign markets through first-hand observation of businesses in India. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate knowledge about the foreign markets involved, and at the same time, apply knowledge gained in their disciplinary areas in the context of the foreign markets. The unit includes a series of seminars and a two week study tour to India, and enables students to develop an appreciation of the ways in which business operations and business systems differ across national boundaries. Students will understand the political economy, the legal environment and economic systems, financial environment, cultural and the social environment in India. Students are required to prepare a written assignment based on the visits and seminars and prepare a report at the end of the tour based on their observations of the businesses and the country.

Link to Write up and pictures of the 2015 India Study tour

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