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CFO Forum

This Forum provides a dynamic platform for business leaders to network and develop strategies and new ideas to address challenges in the business landscape. The CFO Forum also seeks to create a conducive environment for engagement between business and academia and generate opportunities for businesses to draw on the research expertise of our academics.

Past CFO Forum events

Topic: Futureproofing your enterprise - the importance of STEM  
Date: 6 February, 2015
Venue: MGSM, Macquarie University, North Ryde

Topic: Reflecting and Advancing 
Panel discussion
Date: 25 November, 2014
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Topic:  Decision Making for Growth
29th July, 2014
Curzon Hall, Agincourt Room

Accounting @ 50

A Humane Reckoning   

From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University, 1964-2014

Macquarie emerged in the early 1960s both as a stopgap and a vote of confidence in the future. Accounting began in a subdued tone, a service program to the more prestigious Economics progam. The insecurities of the 1970s changed all that: the search for employability and structural changes in the nature of both corporation and culture in the West, drove ever-growing numbers of domestic students into Accounting courses, the Macquarie program growing by double digits year on year. The radical changes of the Dawkins reforms, the 'export' of Australian education and the rise of the enterprise university only exacerbated this growth, the Macquarie Accounting undergraduate and graduate programs propelled the discipline to the largest in the University, and among the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Macquarie Accounting has responded then, as now, with innovation and a continuing commitment to the Macquarie ideal of the rounded graduate. It has been a Department committed to the communication of a "humane reckoning", a transformative principle in the life of students, the University, and the discipline more broadly. It is in this legacy of accountability that the Department faces the future, and invites its alumni and community members to join with it.

About the book 


The Macquarie University Accounting Department that I first knew as a student is very different to the one to which I later returned as a staff member, and different again to the one I served as a member of the Departmental Advisory Board. It is vastly larger and much more diverse than the relatively small Department in a bushland suburban university that I first attended. Education is now a business like any other, and Accounting at Macquarie has adapted to the significant changes in the place of education in the national economy. It is an adaptation that has had its twists and turns, its human dramas and its questions of high ethical importance. The tensions over resourcing, quality, the Department's place within the larger university, and as a citizen of a much broader discipline developing at a great pace across Australia and the region—all of these are the makings of a great story. It is also, however, a story about the emergence of a new discipline, participating in the development of the knowledge economy, amid some of the most transformational moments in Australian history.

I welcome its telling in this book by Mark Hutchinson and Karen Handley as a contribution to understanding how, not just the Department and the University, but also how we as people and as a society, became different to what we were. It is, in part, my own story. I trust that you will also find in it something of yours.

Catherine Livingstone, AO
BA (Hons), Hon DBus (Macquarie),
Hon DSc (Murdoch), FCA, FTSE, FAICD, FAA
President, Business Council of Australia


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