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MMCCS offers the Bachelor of Media, the Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Laws in partnership with Macquarie Law School, and the Bachelor of Marketing and Media in partnership with Department of Marketing and Management. It also offers a range of majors within the Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Arts, as well as other qualifying degrees. Postgraduate study and Higher Degree Research are also offered.

For full information on majors and programs of study, visit Find a Course.

Areas of study within MMCCS include: Media, Arts Industries and Management, Dance and Performance, International Communication, Music, Screen Practice and Production, and Society and Culture.

The following majors can be studied within the Bachelor of Media, Bachelor of Arts, and other qualifying degrees (new for 2017):

Digital Design
Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing
Media Studies
Public Relations and Social Media
Radio, Digital Audio and Broadcast Production
Screen Practice and Production
Screen, Sound, Performance

The following majors can be studied within the Bachelor of Arts and other qualifying degrees:

Dance and Performance
International Communication
Media, Culture and Communication
Arts Industries and Management
Society and Culture
Interactivity and Games

Postgraduate study:

Master of Future Journalism
Master of International Communication
Master of Creative Industries 

Higher Degree Research:

Information for PhD and MPhil/MRes applicants

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