About us

About us

Situated in the Y3A building, The Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies offers a range of undergraduate,  postgraduate coursework, and higher degree research opportunities.

Ethics and integrity mission statement

The Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies is committed to a set of ethical values that it sees as integral to its identity. These values encompass all areas of the Department's interpersonal and institutional culture. The Department sees these values as essential in fostering a culture of ethical conduct and integrity. To this end, the Department's Ethics and Integrity Mission Statement is to be read as a supplement to the University's Code of Conduct.

The key values that the Department is committed to include:

Ethics: To conduct oneself ethically with a sense of respect for the other person, be they student, staff or the wider community, and to value their difference.

Integrity: To be accountable for one's actions, opinions and beliefs, even while adhering to the principle of academic freedom.

Honesty: To act with honesty and good faith in one's interpersonal relations and in relation to the material we draw upon in our scholarly practices.

Collegiality: To work with a sense of open and respectful collegiality with one's fellow staff in order to enable a dynamic and generous culture of dialogue, fruitful exchange and collaboration.

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