About us

About us

The Department of Geography and Planning was established at the beginning of 2015. It brings together the disciplines of Human Geography and Urban Planning with an interdisciplinary approach to relations between people, place and culture in terms of social and environmental justice, sustainability, development and professional practice.

Accredited programs

Geography and Planning hosts two Planning Institute of Australia accredited programs aimed at training innovative and creative planning professionals.

The undergraduate Bachelor of Planning is a four-year degree that develops strong professional skills in planning and professional literacy in the social and environmental context of planning practice. The Master of Environmental Planning educates graduates with advanced practical and applied knowledge of environmental management and sustainability and how it is applied to strategic land-use planning and assessment.

With a strong focus on social science, the undergraduate majors in Geography, Human Geography and (with Anthropology) Development Studies and Culture Change offer students both strong disciplinary foundations and interdisciplinary opportunities to consider the interplay of social, environmental, cultural, economic and political elements that shape places and the ways they interact.

In the postgraduate program, the department also offers Certificate and Diploma programs in Social Impact Assessment and hosts the specialisation in Environmental Studies in the Master of Environment program (Faculty of Science & Engineering).

Research in Geography and Planning

There is a strong track record in research training in geography, planning and interdisciplinary social science across the department. Collaboration with other social and environmental science disciplines is supported, as is cotutelle arrangements with international partners in the doctoral program. Current student projects include work in Nepal, Taiwan and Bangladesh as well as a range of national and local topics in various elements of geography, planning, political ecology and professional practice.

Staff research includes major projects in urban systems, sustainable transport, Indigenous knowledge, global environmental change, culture and risk in the Asia-Pacific region and environmental justice.

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