News and events

News and events

Anthropology Colloquium Session 2, 2017

10.08.2017Dr. Julia Vorhölter, Georg-August-Universität GöttingenThe Emergence of Psychotherapy in Uganda – Mirror or Motor of a New (Dis)OrderW6A 107
17.08.2017Dr. Jovan Maud, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen(Re)mediating the Sacred: Exploring Thai Facebook as a Ritual FieldW6A 708
24.08.2017Dr. Into Goudsmit, The Asia FoundationProgressive Extractivism: Realignment of Indigenous Communities and the Bolivian State in the Struggle for Mining ResourcesW6A 708
31.08.2017All Anthropology StaffAnthropology Round Table Reading GroupAustralian Hearing Hub Level 5, Seminar Room
07.09.2017Dr. Banu Senay and Dr. Anna-Karina HermkensReligion as Creative Practice E3A 244 Seminar Room
12.10.2017Sophie Chao, Macquarie UniversityTo be announcedTo be announced
19.10.2017Dr. Matt Tomlinson, Australian National UniversityLearning to Communicate with the DeadTo be announced
26.10.2017Dr. Andrew Dawson, The University of MelbourneTo be announcedAustralian Hearing Hub, Level 5, Seminar Room
09.11.2017Dr. Banu Senay"We are not that type of Muslim": Pathways between the Anthropology of Islam and the Anthropology of EthicsAustralian Hearing Hub, Level 5, Seminar Room


  • Boyer Prize in 2016

    Boyer Prize in 2016

    17 May 2016

    Dr Aaron Denham in the Department of Anthropology has been awarded the prestigious Boyer Prize in 2016 for his paper titled, 'A Psychodynamic ...

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